Wednesday, March 3, 2010

not a hero

Wow. My son came home from college last night and this is what he learned from his Chinese professor: Mao Zedong is a hero and China is not a communist country! When two out of the fifty students objected to this propaganda (lie), he told them that most people think Mao's a hero but some think he's a bad man (the families of the 70+ million Chinese people who died on his watch perhaps?) In whose world is a murderer of 70 million people considered a hero? And what on earth is wrong with those people?

Three out of four of my son's professors are foreigners (not that there's anything wrong with that). Last semester he had a Canadian professor telling the class how much better Canadian's healthcare is than ours. Honestly, if these people love their home countries so much, why don't they stay there and teach? It was an anthropology class so the professor really had no business giving lectures on our healthcare system. It's not enough that American radicals have infiltrated our educational systems to rewrite history, erase history, distort the truth and outright lie. We are now employing foreigners to help us along in our destruction. Wonderful!

(For the record, I don't support Obama's healthcare takeover. It's a tax and nothing more. No healthcare services will be implemented until 2013--that means we pay for at least 4-5 years BEFORE anyone gets anything out of it--at which time they'll cry in their soup that costs have risen and they will tax us even more--for LESS service! They simply want to steal more of our money and spend it foolishly. Perhaps more alcohol is needed for Nancy Pelosi's plane as she jetsets around the country with her family on MY DIME!!! WHERE ARE THE JOBS??????????????????????????????) People want JOBS!!!

I'm really sick of what's going on in our world. I'm sick of the right and the left and everyone in between. They are civil servants but they rule as though they are kings and queens. My children know real history because I took the time to teach them, but many, many others sit inside classrooms and listen to these communist pukes teach them lies so that lies become the truth in their minds. The White House had a Mao ornament adorning its Christmas tree this past year. Huh? This is unconscionable. How do we fight that? How do we recover from the calculated deceptions which lead to someone thinking it is a great idea to put a Mao ornament on a Christmas tree?

I try to remain hopeful but it's difficult. I wish for a world away from this world where me and my family could go to get away from this madness. People think communism is great because they do not know what the word means. Go live in China then come back and give us a report on how wonderful it is to have to get a permit to have your one allotted child. I am so sick of stupid people. Stupid people are dangerous and I am telling you right now that stupid people had best stay far away from me because I am liable to slap them upside the head with reality should they start spouting the propaganda taught in schools and disseminated on the news.

Stop poisoning the people with lies, especially our children who are our future.

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