Thursday, April 15, 2010


You know what I hate? When I have a blog in my reader and forever I have been reading that blog in the long feed and suddenly the blogger decides to cut the feed to the short feed so that you HAVE to go to the blog to read it.

I don't mind clicking onto the blogs that are on short feeds from the beginning, but I hate it when bloggers switch midstream. Most times, I delete those blogs from my reader because I have lots of blogs that I read and I don't like being annoyed and the switching to the short feeds is an annoyance to me. I think there was one blog that went from long to short feeds that I have continued to read but she's funny and interesting and a great writer.

Anyway, carry on. Just wanted to get that off my chest!


Yo is Me said...

i hate that, too. though i've done that once or nine times when moving blogs.

i just scrolled down your sidebar to see if you had by blog listed (it's not, but i know you have it, and i promise i'm not asking you to list it)and read some of your quotes. i love the one that says "expect everything".

one of MY pet peeves is the phrase "expect the unexpected". what the EFF, people? how does one do that? how can you EXPECT that? i've done that, i've expected the unexpected, and every single time i'm blindsided. it's the most annoying phrase that's supposed to help in difficult times.

i was just thinking of that phrase today, actually. i'm nervous about some stuff and can hear someone saying "expect the unexpected" which only annoys me more. i thought about it and i thought that "expect to be surprised" was appropriate. maybe i can imagine balloons falling from the ceiling and people jumping out from behind the couches right before someone walks in with a birthday cake?

ahem. thank you for letting me rant. i feel better.

a phrase i love is "you don't know what you don't know".

wow. longest self serving comment ever. i hope you got a giggle.

Yo is Me said...

oh. heh heh. i flew through your post and thought you were saying how you hate it when the feed is CUT, period.

yeah, i haven't done that because i think it's annoying. i don't read blogs that have partial feeds because i figure they just want the traffic. i'll click over once in a while to them to see if they're "worth" it. uhh.. maybe don't publish this comment. i sound like a jerk.