Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've just about had it with the heat wars in this house. All day long I keep the thermostat either off or on 66 degrees in the winter. If I am alone, this doesn't bother me one bit since I'm generally moving around and so I don't get cold. At night, I like the heat on either 65 or 66 degrees and not one degree higher because I wake up and I am covered in sweat and I hate that. My husband is the biggest baby on the face of the earth. He came down with a "sickness" earlier in the week which means that all he does is whine about how sick he is. I've been putting up with this shit since Saturday---tiptoeing around and getting him drinks and soup and whatnot all the while spraying Lysol around because if I get sick I get exactly 3 hours to GET OVER IT AND FEEL BETTER.

Anyway, just a little bit ago, he asks for a drink and I get him water then he says he wants orange juice so I go and get him a glass of THAT. I leave the room and the next thing I know, we're hearing a string of obscenities because he's somehow dropped the orange juice all over the carpet. I go in to try to help him and do you know what he does? He starts screaming that he's so fucking sick of living in a house that is never warm and that I AM THE REASON HE IS SICK BECAUSE I INSIST ON KEEPING THE HEAT LOW. Yep. Honestly, if you gave him a moment, he'd blame the Iraq war on me as well because apparently I am the reason for anything bad that ever happens ANYWHERE.

After being disrespectful to me, yelling, and blaming me for his illness due to the fact that I keep the thermostat too low, he starts using his nice voice to try to get me to clean up the orange juice on the carpet!!! Not so fast, sick boy. I told him that I was planning on helping him clean it up but since he went into his little unnecessary tirade, that he could clean it up himself. He said he didn't want to breathe in the fumes. Well, either do I, sick boy. I then went to the thermostat and jacked the heat up to 85 and I am currently sweating bullets but if he wants a hot house, he's getting a hot house.

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