Friday, November 9, 2007

A Little Rant

"Anger helps strengthen out a problem like a fan helps straighten out a pile of papers." - Susan Mancotte

I'm angry about a couple of things today.

First off, I did end up buying a new vacuum about a week ago (not a birthday present) and honestly, I HATE IT. The suction is light to non-existent and it's driving me crazy. One of the few household chores I don't mind doing is vacuuming. I like nice even lines appearing on my carpet, and to achieve this look, I vacuum every day. I hate everything else so I have no idea why vacuuming makes me happy, but it does. I like seeing footprints disappear--I know that's odd, but there you have it--feel free to call me odd.

I don't typically buy the most expensive kind because I overuse them and I can't see spending big money on a vacuum. That's just ridiculous, and we have three children who I fear will be dependent on us forever, so I scrimp on the vacuums when it comes time to get a new one. Well, I spent more money this time, and the damn thing sucks. Or rather, it doesn't suck good enough. I feel silly for getting so angry at a vacuum, but you should have seen me just a little while ago. I was trying to achieve the nice lines I discussed in the previous paragraph and I found myself mumbling about how much I wanted to throw it out the window because I hated it so much. So there's THAT.

Then, that purse I bought a couple of weeks ago? Well, it has a zipper closure and the zipper keeps getting stuck in the open position so that I have to maneuver and cajole and baby the damn thing to line up so I can close it. I've almost tossed that thing across the room a few times. At first I thought it was me but it's becoming clear that this is one thing that I can't be blamed for. I'd return it, but I bought it at a mall 2 hours away from here and just thinking about feeling forced to go back there to return it makes me even angrier.

You know--everyone gets your money up front and I don't think it's too much to expect that I get what I pay for and not some defective piece of crap. And to top it all, when I purchased that bag, there were 2 checkout lines and a zillion employees buzzing around the store asking if they could help me but when I went to check out, there was only one girl checking people out so I asked her if the other lane was opened or closed and she HUFFILY told me it was closed.

I snottily said something to the effect that I certainly understood THAT since there were plenty of employees wandering around like zombies doing NOTHING, and I brought my purse over and waited in her line. No sooner had I moved than one of the floating employees came over and asked me if she could check me out. WTF? So once again, I moved over so I could check out and get the hell out of there. So yeah, I'm looking forward to going back there and dealing with THAT.

Lastly, my dear child who is away (out of state) at school called me on my cell phone which is always code for I NEED MONEY and guess what? He needed money for rent. Huh? The first of the month I had transferred money into his account to pay for his rent so what was I missing? Come to find out, he had written a check against that money for something else, and so he was short on his rent money. I tried not to explode as I asked him how much he had left in his account and he answered his typical, "I don't know." So I had to straighten that mess out so he could pay his rent. I called him and told him to pay it immediately so he wouldn't be tempted to spend it elsewhere.


Earlier in the week we needed to replace a piece of sporting equipment of his that broke to the tune of $500. Whenever I see his name on my cellphone, I immediately see dollar signs flying out the window because that's what happens after I pick up.

I guess that's enough for now although the day is still young.

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