Friday, June 27, 2008

General annoyances

"I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it." ~Jack Handey

*Buying a single scoop ice cream cone to the tune of $2.99 only to find out at the checkout that they charge 25 cents extra for a sugar cone. When they asked me what kind of cone I wanted, no one told me the cone I asked for would be extra and there was no sign. I had to fight the urge to smash the cone in her face. We're being nickel and dimed and quartered to death!!!

*Being asleep and having my husband say loudly, "K, are you awake?" It's just rude. I never do that to anyone. He does this when he wants something because he's selfish like that and it's always about him. If I see someone sleeping, I think that perhaps that person NEEDS the sleep and I allow that person to snooze in peace. Also, it's not like in the past 20 some odd years I ever wake up in a happy mood, so it stands to reason that if you rudely wake me up I'll be even meaner, so why not just get a clue and let me sleep until I wake up?

*Aisle hoggers. OMG. Push you cart over to the side so others can get by for crying out loud. Trust me, it's not such a difficult concept to put into action. These people who leave their carts dead center in the aisle then just expect others to wait while they decide which deodorant they're going to buy drive me up the wall.

*People who smack their kids when their kids make weird/funny faces when they are getting their pictures taken. I saw this happen at the beach. The mother smacked her kid hard because he kept making silly faces when the grandmother was taking a picture. How completely ignorant can you be? Being a little kid and having a little fun is a crime now? Get a sense of humor, lady and stop being an abusive bully. I really, really, really hate parents like that.

*Waiters who can't speak the English language. I'm sorry, but I have had it up to my eyeballs with waiters who cannot speak English properly. It's loads of fun asking over and over again what the hell is being said to me and then having to PAY this person for all their "help." We went out to PF Changs the other night and our waiter whispered in what I suppose was English but you could have fooled me. I kept saying, "I'm sorry, I don't understand you." He needed to speak up and speak ENGLISH!!! And don't even get me started on customer service representatives who barely speak English. I'm pretty certain they are the leading cause of high blood pressure in our society. Ditto for all the Dunkin Donut people/Subway people/Philly Cheesesteak people.

*Store-closing-everything-30%-50%-off-scams. OMG. There's a Rite-Aid around the corner that's going out of business and has huge orange signs shouting that everything must go and everything is 30%-50% off. I needed sunscreen before heading to the beach so I figured that would be a great place to pick some up for a cheap price. WRONG. I went to the sunscreen section only to find that they had re-ticketed everything--marking it up AT LEAST DOUBLE so that when you took the 50% off you were either paying the SAME price or EVEN HIGHER than the regular price! Thanks but no thanks. I just stood there laughing because I really can't take it anymore. I hate it when people think we're all stupid. I left the store immediately without buy a thing. (They had boxes of DOTS marked up to $2.00. Please.)

Ok. I guess that's it. I'm glad it's Friday. I think I'm looking forward to the weekend, but it's still early yet. I'm watching the So You Think You Can Dance elimination show that I taped because I was out late last night at the airport picking up my husband and missed it. Can I tell you that I love Comcast? We just switched and I think it is wonderful. So much better than what we had before. On Demand is awesome. I missed the season premier of Weeds and all I had to do was go and watch it on Demand. How great is that? Pretty great.


Susan said...

Non English speaking people, aisle hogger's, oh girl don't even get me started! Great post and yes, On Demand rocks our house.

Yo said...


i'm first off responding (drunkenly--how i ever configured the shift plus whatever to make) to your comment.

i feel like i'm driving funny.


i had something to say.



i'm NOT drunk! wait. uh... this was funnier in my head. i didn't finish reading your post.



i wanted to confirm with you that i was indeed NOT buying $9 (again with the shift button and the thing making the $ and ( signs) soap. but just once. like, a year ago. and i've kept it in my office. for just me to use. and it's still there.

feel weird now. thinking about not posting this TOTALLY (again CAPS, button, then totally professional) lost my train of thought.

am now thinking how lucky you are to have in full force proof that i just totally posted a comment


and i will come back tomorrow to read your actual post.

yep. still feel funny.

we'll see if i post this.

god, it's taken so long to get here. i'm totally pos--

Heather said...

I'm so with you on the waiter issue.

Christy said...

"I'm pretty certain they are the leading cause of high blood pressure in our society."

I'm glad I have an explanation for why I need to take that medication now! Totally funny...I hear you especially on the nickle & dime thing AND the waiters--urgh! I have to admit to being an aisle hogger though. They just don't make the aisles as big as they used to...or maybe it's that my ass is not as small as it once was?

starsgoblue said... need to explain the $9 soap issue. I'm happy when people find things that make them happy.

And I'm really happy when people have a few drinks and get happy and come here to read. It might make reading easier and it might make you like me more!,,LMAO

trish said...

Ahahahahaha!! I'm with you on most of those. Especially the waiters needing to speak English. And people needing to move their carts out of the center of the aisle. :-)