Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scattered thoughts

A small, hard callous has formed on the palm of my hand beneath my ring finger from my wedding rings. I pick at it sometimes. My rings sometimes feel like they are suffocating me. Periodically, I take them off to give my finger a rest. Hours later I can run my finger around the space where the rings always sit and I can still feel the mark they leave behind. I wonder how long it would take before it would feel like they were never there.


I was doing some cleaning/organizing and came upon some old pictures that I never got around to putting in a photo album. They were from my oldest daughter's graduation and in one picture my daughter stands between my husband and myself and I am smiling. What kills me about this photograph is that I was going through a very difficult time and you would never know it by looking at that picture. I think photos only tell one side of the story, or maybe photos just outright lie sometimes.


My new guilty pleasure is having the mug shots of those people in my county who've been arrested the night before delivered to my in box each morning. A friend sent me the link and all I had to do was supply my email address and I started receiving all the dirt. I love pouring over the faces and guessing what they've done to get arrested, then clicking on the photo to see if I am right. Some young girls who have been arrested pose as though they are on a photo shoot for America's Next Top Model. This kills me, too.


I was glad to see Matt sent packing last night on Hell's Kitchen. His eyebrows alone were grounds for dismissal in my opinion. Guys with feminine looking eyebrows are something I dislike. I'm not into feminine looking men especially when they whine like babies about having a migraine. Also, Matt had a diary room interview where he called one of the women on the show a "bitch with lots of cellulite." Unacceptable!!! Men who could stand to lose 40 lbs. themselves should not be dispensing weight comments as though they are Brad Pitt. Good riddance to that sweaty slob.


We're having breakfast for dinner tonight because it's too hot to do anything more. There is a fly buzzing around this house and it is fast as lightening. It must have slipped into the house when I was dragging groceries inside. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a fly buzzing around my house that I can't catch. My goal for tonight will be tracking that thing down and swatting it to death.


alicia said...

I love breakfast for dinner! so good.

Here from NaComLeavMo

Deb said...

Are you close to me (location wise) cause I can send my hubby over to dispense of the fly. He catches them with his hand - no kidding. just.his.hand i think he use to be a frog or something.

was equally happy to see matt go most especially because of what he said about christina. fat slob. i was happiest though when jason left early on - chauvenist pig.

breakfast for dinner - OH YEAH BABY
it dont get much better than that.

Christy said...

I love this post...I like reading several little snippets like that sometimes. It's kind of a snap shot of the varying thoughts in a person's head at any given moment.

Katie said...

Via NaComLeavMo...

I love breakfast for dinner to. Sometimes my entire weekends food mostly consists of cereal!
The meme really didn't take that long either, if you want to do it feel free.

insane mama said...

I always have breakfast for dinner, nothing wrong with that!
I enjoy the little snipets too

DC said...

I want mug shots! (I mean I want to look at them, not be in one.) I wonder if this service is available in my town?

Bugged said...


Your writing is mesmerising.

I will without doubt check back again.

Love the quotes on your blog! What a fine selection.

Kim said...

I love breakfast for dinner and so do my kids - it is like a treat to them - and me, light cooking! Good riddens to Matt also - his nine lives had to run out soon! Oooh I want mug shots too! How do I get them! lol NCLM

Dreams Come True said...

Mmmmm.. breakfast for dinner.. one of my absolute favorite things, that I never get to have anymore because DH doesn't like it! :(

Good luck with your family, and having the patience to get through the months while you're all there again together.

I hope you can find some time for yourself.


VA Blondie said...

Breakfast for dinner is the best. I love it!

By the way, I tagged you for a meme.

DC said...

Did you get the fly? ;)

seussgirl said...

I love b-fast foods anytime! Hmmm, now I'm hungry...
Hi from NCLM!

starsgoblue said...

I couldn't catch it so I asked my son to find it and he did it for me! YAY!

Brigindo said...

I still have a callous below my ring finger and my finger has been ring-free for almost 10 years now (2nd hubby and I forgo the whole ring thing). I think it took me over 5 years to stop touching that finger, looking for a ring.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.