Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love notes

"...You are the dreamer~ And we are the dream~ I could write it better than you ever felt it..."~FOB

Almost every morning before leaving for work, my husband leaves me a little love note of sorts on post-it note paper. Sometimes he takes 2 or 3 to get the whole message down. They say things like "you are gorgeous" or that "you are my love" or he'll write, "I'll catch you later, baby." Some days the love notes will veer away from love and become mini to-do lists for me. They will say "don't forget to pay the bills," or "remember to pick up my clothes at the cleaners" or "please water the lawn." I'm not fond of the to-do list notes because I've never liked people telling me what to do. I usually crumble those up and toss them into the trash immediately so that I don't get all hateful inside first thing in the morning.

The true love notes, I keep hidden in one of my junk drawers. I have many junk drawers and maybe one organized one because I can't seem to keep things in order to save my life. I aspire to be more organized, I think about how wonderful it would be to be more organized, but I never actually do anything about it. I don't have all my crap together and don't ever want anyone to think for a minute that I do. I think the people in my life who love me best, love me mostly for all the ways in which I am not perfect.

Because I believe in the power of love, because I think that love can make all the difference in a world where I sometimes feel so insignificant and small, I stack the love notes I have saved one on top of the other so that I can pull them out and read them when I need to be reminded that I am lovable, that I am loved.


Carrie27 said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever read. I, too, would keep them all as a reminder for those not so good days we all seem to have.

Juicy said...

Wow! I wish my husband would leave me love notes, but he's more the "to do list" kinda guy. :( That is such a thoughtful gesture. I too would keep them stacked somewhere for when I needed a boost. I'm also not too organized and have several "places for everything". ha!

To answer your question about my blog entry today-most older Deaf people are against (generally the younger generation-teens and down are for c.i.) the implants because they don't feel there is anything wrong with themselves. They figure that this is the way God made them, why change it. Plus, my mom thinks it would be way too loud! I hope that answers a little bit, it's just really hard to explain why they hate it so much!

Back to your blog, sorry to hijack!! :)

Yolanda Elvira said...

awwww!! that's sweet! aside from the occassional to do list.

thanks for reading and commenting. i like the post about my mom, too.

and i like your style =)

Yolanda Elvira said...

oh, i LOVE the weepies and i love your quotes and pics on your sidebar.

Christy said...

That is beautiful...:-)Lucky you!

Kim said...

How sweet! And ho wonderful that you keep them! NCLM

Juicy said...

I have already responded to this post, but I came back to tell you that I've tagged you.

Tag! You're it!

I scrolled through your front page of posts to see if you'd already done this "meme" and didn't see that you had, so you got caught! :)

Lori said...

What a wonderful touchpoint between you two.

surpriseofunfolding said...

What a romantic your hubby must be! I think it's lovely that you keep the notes too.

You have some amazing quotes on your sidebar - some really important thoughts there.

visiting from NCLM, but hope to be back once the madness is over!


Samantha said...

That is gorgeous! I'm envious of a husband leaving you little love notes around house - with all that, I'd probably even forgive him the "to-do" notes!