Friday, May 23, 2008

It takes strength to live this way - My slice of life quotes

He said "you are the wife, you are the mother," and I told him that they were just roles I played, and he wanted to know what I meant by that and so I told him that I am more than the things I do for him and everyone else, and he still didn't get it because he didn't want to think about me being something more than what he's boxed me into being, and I told him it didn't matter because I would be more anyway.


breedemandweep said...

There are so many people I may never meet that I would so love to have coffee with. You are absolutely one of them, lady.

Christy said...

I wrote a post along these lines about coming to the realization that I can be the many different things that make me who I am and still be a wife, a mom...and whatever else. It was a lon time coming, but I think starting a blog really helped me see that. I'm glad that you have clarity around that issue b/c it's no fun to be in the limited space of a box.
Here's the link to my post, if you're interested.

Naomi said...

wow. that was so short and concise but what powerful words. I'm going to have to scribble that down a piece of paper to get lost and hopefully find again when I need to read something inspiring.