Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I put my phone on silent because I don't want to talk to anyone I'm related to for a while. My youngest has been out of school for exactly three hours and the shopping has begun. She just called and told me that since I broke her sunglasses (which I did, I am horrible with sunglasses for some reason...I break them, I lose them etc.), that she had found a new pair she wanted me to buy her and that they were "a little expensive." I asked what she meant by that and she answered, "$150." I'm trying not to let other people determine my moods so I took a deep breath to get my blood pressure back down and told her that no way was I buying her sunglasses for $150. She then said, "but they're marked down from $400!" OMG. I told her the answer was still no. She then whined, "well what am I going to wearrrrrrrr????" OMG. See, this is what I hate about summer vacation. She's all angry that I'm not caving in but I don't care. She can get herself a job and buy them herself and then we'll see how fast she's willing to blow money on things that are not necessary.

I've got a new pet peeve. Water bottles and gatorade bottles that have one maybe two gulps taken out of them left all over the house. I went into my daughter's room this morning and she had two water bottles side by side, each with just a few sips taken out of them. Then on her desk there was a gatorade bottle half full. I don't get it. Why take another water when you haven't finished the first one? So I've taken to writing their names on the tops of the bottles and putting them back in the refrigerator with a note not to open anything new until the other bottles are finished up. The inside of my refrigerator is turning into a memo board.

And while we're on the subject of pet peeves, I'll add this one to my list: certain people who "clean their rooms" by shifting piles of shit (clothes) from their room onto the kitchen table with a little note to "Please donate the clothes to a battered women's shelter, thanks, love T." She leaves a little postcard from the shelter with the number on it on top of the clothes. Um. WTF? Perhaps she's too busy leaving half full bottles of water and gatorade all over the house to make the call herself.

It's the little things like this that threaten to send me over the edge.

My husband cleaned the grill for me so I'm back to grilling again. For some reason the grill won't fire up when you push the ignite button so I'm back to throwing matches into the gas and hoping for the best. Each time I go out there with a plate of meat or chicken, I'm convinced I'll go up in flames. Sadly, it's the most exciting part of the day for me.

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